This entire journey began for me by picking up a camera, heading into nature, and snapping some shots of my surroundings… just for the pure joy in doing so. That’s what fine art photography is for me. It’s not a job, but rather a hobby. I enjoy each step of the process and it is such a pleasure to see them printed off large scale for others to enjoy. If you’re interested in a print connect with me and we can discuss some options.



In 2018 I joined the Kurbatoff Art Gallery in Vancouver, BC. It is a tremendous honour to have my art work printed and displayed among such talent and a wide variety of other artists. My works in the gallery are all large scale acrylic face-mounts which is my favourite medium – stunning image clarity, depth, and colours. Stop by at the corner of Granville and West Broadway if you have the chance! 

Solo Show – September 23, 201



Prices of fine art photography vary tremendously depending on size, medium, finishing, and delivery charges. Finished products start at about $200 all the way up to $4600. If you are interested in a quote please send me an email with the following information: 

How large of a piece do you want?
What medium would you like the photo to be printed onto? *
Are there any special finishes you have in mind?
Will the print be picked up in person? If not please specify the delivery address.

*Options for different mediums (listed in personal preference) are acrylic, aluminum panel, metallic photo paper, or canvas. Acrylic and aluminum panel are more costly up front but they offer an incredible finish and don’t require any framing. 


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